Balloon Magic Magazine #28 - Not So Routine Balloons -

Balloon Magic Magazine #28 - Not So Routine Balloons

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In this issue balloon routines are featured.

 Marvin Hardy gives us two routines. One explains the origin of the balloon and the other tells the folk tale of the "Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly."

Dale Carlson is the spotlight twister. Dale talks about how "Balloons Make The Difference" in presenting his talks on self-esteem for schools and civic groups. We get two of Dale's routines for building self-esteem. "Working Together" involves nine students and a fishing hat. "Happy Heart Balloon" gets kids to be more aware of making a negative or a positive statement toward fellow students.

Instructions for a giant 646 poodle are provided and Ralph Dewey's "Red Bird" figure is also explained. The "Show and Tell" features figures from the US and Italy.

 Hans Siemon's compact disc "Twisted Mind" is reviewed and Marvin Hardy talks about "Work Smart for Added-Value Entertainment."


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