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WB Hydrocolor Essentials Cake Blue-45g

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Hydrocolor Make-Up by Wolfe Face Art & FX is a superior product for the professional and beginner artist.  These paints have the best coverage and brightest black-light colors in the industry, and comes in three different shades - Standard (Essential), Neon/Black-light, and Metallix colors.

Hydrocolor is a moist cake that uses very little water - a brush dipped in water is all it takes.  This make-up is one of the easiest to apply, especially for the great coverage you get - one of the best in the industry.

All Wolfe Face Art & FX paints are Hypo-Allergenic - meaning safe and non-toxic.  All their paints wash off with soap and water or Wet Ones Baby Wipes, which makes them very easy to remove.

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