Twisted Cuisine DVD

Twisted Cuisine DVD

  • $35.95

Published 2007

Run time 90 minutes

Vicky Kimble is a decorator/twister, so most of these figures are for decorative purposes. The DVD is well produced and Vicky is clear. She uses glue dots, rubber cement, uninflated pieces, balloon nozzles, a poker chip, pipe cleaners, straws and a variety of markers. The figures are creative and intermediate to advanced in difficulty.

The figures include: Balloosion bacon & eggs (646, 3-260, 160); baby watermelon bowl (4-260, 2-160, LgRnd, SmRnd); bubbaloon burger & fries (13-260, 6-SmHrt, 660, LgRnd); veggie pizza with a twist (5-260, LgRnd); lobster balloonese with green beans almandine (11-260, 2-LgRnd); light-as-air meringue tart (3-260); nutty caramel apple (321B, 260, LgRnd); midnight snack root beer & pretzels (2-260, 4-160); true blue sweet tooth beastie (4-260, 160, SmHrt, SmRnd, 2-SmLOL).

Vicky uses 260s in:black, yellow, lime, green, toffee, ivory, chocolate, neon violet, red, goldenrod, gray, white, mocha, clear and pale blue. In 160 she uses: white, red, and clear. In 646 she uses a pink, and in 660 she uses marigold. Vicky also uses 11 inch round: green super agates, red, yellow, and mocha. She uses green and mocha five inch rounds; toffee and white 6" Hearts; 6" black link-o-loons; and a red 321 bee body.