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Balloon Sculpture 101 DVD

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Published 1989. 60 minutes. Re-mastered to DVD 2006

This 60-minute DVD is designed to teach you the basics of balloon sculpture. There is ample material included to put you right into the balloon business or make you the life of the party, if that's more your style. Start with how to blow the darn things up and tie the knot; end up amazing yourself with your skill.

I highly recommend this as the best beginning DVD available. Old timers have learned something from this DVD and I've seen a 7 year old get it all the first time through. Folks call me and tell me their kids will watch this DVD over and over.

Includes sword, saber, scabbard, basic hat forms, space helmet, rabbit ears, headphones, bow hat, dog on a leash, dachshund, giraffe, squirrel, mouse, double flying mice, rabbit, Easter bonnet, parrot, swan, swan hat, bear, Pooh-with-a-view, monkey, beagle, poodle,and watch dog hat.

"This is one of the best produced instructional videos I have yet seen. ...I honestly believe that one can make a living with balloon animals just from this tape. Highly recommended for its direction, production quality, and the exceptional quality of instruction. This is a perfect marriage of medium and message!"


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