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Seriously Out There

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The Australian Twisting Industry's Living Icon Award Winner is back at it again! That's right, Jeff "The Uncanny" Hayes has returned with "Seriously Out There". During the course of this DVD, you'll learn 10 different designs as Jeff searches for "latextraterrestrials." So gather up your supplies, suit up and start the countdown…it's just about time to lift off! And something tells me we're not alone….
Run Time - 80 minutes
Skill Level - Intermediate


  • Fat Bellied Alien
  • Link-O-Loon Alien
  • Space Monkey
  • Alien Space Craft
  • Brain Eating Bug
  • Alien Crawler
  • Yellow Lackey
  • Alien's Best Friend
  • Grinning Alien
  • Angry Alien

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