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Dewey's Hat Factory DVD

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Published 2006

Length 90 minutes

Ralph does a good job of teaching 12 hats. The instruction and picture are clear with very little squeaking. Ralph considers it an intermediate tape. A beginner might have some difficulty, but if you know the basics it should not be a problem. Once you get these hats down, you could do them in a line. I like this tape.

The figures include:

  • Ghost Hat (2-260, SmRnd)
  • Tiara (3-260)
  • Kings Crown (9-260, SmHrt)
  • Jumping Frog Hat (4-260, 160, SmHrt)
  • Clown Face Hat (Geo Blossom, 3-260, 321B)
  • Bug Hat (2-260, 160, SmHrt)
  • Cow Hat (3-260, 160, SmHrt)
  • Elephant Hat (2-260, 2-SmHrt)
  • Snorkel Hat (3-260, 160, SmHrt)
  • Walrus Hat (350, 3-260, 2-321B)
  • Statue Of Liberty Hat & Torch (5-260, Geo Blossom)
  • Mouse Head Hat (350,2-260)

In 350s Ralph uses brown and light blue.

In 260s he uses white, goldenrod, lilac, light blue, blue, teal, red, yellow, lime green, green, brown, pink, blush, and black.

In 160s he uses red, yellow, black, and white. He uses pink and white 321Bs and green and white geo blossoms.

In small hearts he uses white and pink.

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