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Dewey's Born to Twist DVD

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Published 2006 

Length: 100 minutes

Ralph is an excellent teacher. The camera work is excellent. The figures are exceptionally cute and fancy enough to impress, but quick enough to do at a table. Some of them will work for a line. Ralph's Sharpie work is easy and expressive. I like Ralph and I like this DVD.

Ralph uses 160s in orange, red, and white.

In 260s he uses: black, white, red, lime green, goldenrod, yellow, blue, orange, and pink.

In 360 he uses red.

In five inch round he uses: black, yellow.

In six inch hearts he uses: white, red, pink and mocha.

The figures include:

  • Bug-Eyed Spider (2-260, 2-SmRnd, SmHrt)
  • Red Bird (2-260, 160)
  • Frog (260, SmHrt)
  • Mini-Bike (6-260)
  • Saxophone (260, 360, Med Rnd)
  • Helicopter with Pilot (4-260, 3-160, SmHrt)
  • Spider-like Man (2-260, SmHrt)
  • Devil (2-260, SmHrt)
  • Excalibur Sword (3-260)
  • Black Duck (4-260)
  • Vulture (6-260, SmHrt)
  • Race Car (2-260, 4-SmRnd)

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