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Dewey's Balloon Jamboree DVD

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Published 2001 

Length: 86 minutes

Ralph has made a fine video for intermediate to advanced twisters. His figures are detailed and the instruction is clear. Ralph demonstrates an innovative way to get a small twisted figure into a 350 with his "bird nest with baby in egg". And he tells you how to make your own 350 stuffing tool. His "lady in red" is anatomically correct and well named but tastefully done. The pelican with fish is pretty easy but real cute and inventive. The jumping dolphin on a stick is a good action toy type figure.

Your audience will be impressed with any of these figures. The tape is clear. His microphone picked up a bit much balloon noise, but it's not too bad. I like this tape and highly recommend it.


  • Peg Leg Pirate with Parrot (1-260, 1-160)
  • Helicopter with Motorized Blades (1-350, 3-260, 2-160)
  • Lady in Red (multi 160)
  • Rudy Reindeer Hat (3-260, 2-Heart, 1-160)
  • Pelican with Fish (4-260, Heart)
  • Bird Nest with Baby in Egg (350s, 160s, Bees, Rubber Cement)
  • Dolphin (4-160)

DVD Bonus - Spring/Fall, Heart Scepter, and Snapping off a Balloon.

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