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Beyond Booked Solid by Michael Port

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Beyond Booked Solid- Your Business, Your Life, Your Way- It's All Inside
Published 2008 Hardback; 240 pages

Beyond Booked Solid introduces fast, new, and reliable systems to help you continue to attract clients and grow your business while working less.

Michael Port's second book, Beyond Booked Solid, is a complete and easy-to-follow road map for continuing to grow a service business by getting "un-booked solid" and serves as an insurance policy that enables the reader to approach their business from a new and inspired perspective of making more money while working less. Beyond Booked Solid provides hundreds of tips, strategies, techniques, and resources that seamlessly help the reader integrate the intellectual and philosophical concepts into a plan of action that can be implemented in sequential steps. Furthermore, as with the first book, Beyond Booked Solid will offer readers a complimentary comprehensive downloadable companion workbook from

Michael Port, through his successful consulting business, has lectured, trained, and provided coaching services to over 20,000 business owners. He is the creator of, an online membership club to over 5000 service professionals; the Book Yourself Solid line of training products (seminars, audio and distance learning programs); and the Product Factory, the #1 information product creation program on the Internet ( 

Michael currently has a database of 10,000 people who receive his monthly newsletter and promotions by e-mail. He is an active public speaker and delivers at least five presentations per month to the target market for Book Yourself Solid, and at least 60 presentations each year to the ideal target market for Beyond Booked Solid.


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