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Balls 'N Balloons by Tom Myers

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A hi-bounce ball rolling around in a balloon adds action, interest, curiosity and value. Everyone is fascinated with these toys, including the older kid that doesn't want a poodle or a hat.

Tom assumes you know how make a poodle. He clearly explains four ways to get the ball inside a 260 and how to blow a balloon in a spiral even if you are using a hand pump.

Contents Include:

  • Action
  • Thumb thing
  • Tootsie roll
  • Bass-O-Profundo
  • Beaker
  • Pretzel puzzle
  • Gideon's knot
  • Twisted wrister
  • Screwball
  • Wand De Fleur
  • Watch Dog
  • Spear
  • Race (triple header)
  • Spiraling a 260
  • Water slide
  • Spring
  • Weeble


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