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Mehron Barrier Spray - 2 oz.

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Mehron's Barrier Spray™ was developed as an under base for 3D Gelatin appliances to increase durability, but these days it's considered a "wonder spray" because it has so many different uses.  Barrier Spray™ is just one more innovation of Mehron, Premier Performance Makeup.

Barrier Spray can be used under makeup to stop sweat and to insulate your skin from harsh elements such as adhesive.It can also be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve the makeup application, as well as over greasepaint makeup that's been dusted with Mehron's ColorSet Powder.

Comes in a 2 oz Spray Pump Bottle.
Also available in a 1 oz Spray Pump  Bottle or 9 oz Refill Bottle as a special order.
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