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Balloon Starter Kit

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This kit is perfect for the person who wants to try their hand at balloon twisting and doesn't really know what to get or where to begin. It's the perfect beginners kit for a mom wanting to entertain at a birthday party, or a youngster who watched a twister at a party and now wants to try; or a magician or clown wanting to expand their skills.

It's a great little kit to get you started. Kit contains:

1 - *260 dual action green Hand Pump;
1 - Monkeys & Puppies & Bears, Oh My! beginning workbook; and
1 - 100 count bag of 260 Qualatex Traditional Assortment balloons

About the products included :

260 Qualatex Traditional Assortment Balloons
Qualatex has set the standard in twister's balloons since the early 90's. They are the brand most professionals use. They make the 160Q, 260Q, 350Q, Hearts, Smiley Faces, Blossoms, Donuts, Q321B Bee Body, Rounds, plus more.

260 Qualatex Green Hand Pump 
Finally, a good, inexpensive, plastic, 2-way hand pump. Even though the color has changed to green with hot pink. This pump is hard to break and it works great. You can take it apart for cleaning and lubrication. You really are going to like this pump - it has been and still is our best selling hand pump.

 *Substitutions of the 260 Blaster for the 260 Qualatex Hand Pump are made at times.

Monkeys & Puppies & Bears, Oh My! book
This is one of Tom Myers's books of basic, one-balloon animals. The line art is large and clear. The text is concise. A great book for first time twisters. We have lots of instructors purchase this book for their beginner classes. Includes: Mouse, Dog, Weenie dog, Beagle, Giraffe, Bear, Monkey, Poodle, Parrot.

Also tips on blowing up the balloon and tying a knot without hurting your fingers. Helps you learn basic heads and bodies that you can mix & match. 1/2 size 17 pages.