Wearable Marvelous Miniatures by Linda Berman

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Wearable Marvelous Miniatures, and Other Detailed Designs

Their small size makes the 160 balloon not only easy to twist, but also cute, classy, and not "in the way", and best of all wearable, especially for the young or smaller person.  Linda knows all the benefits of twisting with these mini balloons, as her fifth book specializing in the 160 balloon has expanded in to wearable figures.  

These wearable figures are really great for promoting yourself and your time.  Once people see you wearing these good looking figures, they will want one for themselves - a real attention-getter. Linda has also included an envelope containing a variety of ways to attach these figures.

Linda shows a lot of detailed twists, drawings, and accessories.  It's interesting and useful information that is well thought out and easy to follow.  Highly recommended.


  • Envelope of Sample Attachers
  • Basic Twists
  • Tulip Twist
  • Ladybug
  • Ghost
  • Lobster
  • Dragon
  • Lenny's Frog
  • Love Bug
  • Ballerina Bunny
  • Bartholomew Bunny
  • Mini Motorcycle
  • Koi Fish
  • Photo Gallery
  • Wearable Tiger
  • Santa Face

Full size, soft cover, comb, 29 Pages.Published 2002.


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