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Twisted Garden DVD

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Twisted Garden DVD
Vicky Kimble
Published 2006.

Run time:110 minutes

Vicky offers 14 beginner to intermediate figures. The figures are good, and she explains and demonstrates very well. If you have had trouble with the big interwoven flower, her explanation is clear. Her 260 head for the gnome has the neck coming straight down from the middle of the head. She shows a way to curl a 260 with a 160 inside, and a nice uninflated balloon rose that would be a good item for someone wanting something small but nice. The camera work is good with appropriate close ups.


  • Pretty as a Daisy Corsage (2-260)
  • Sunflower Bouquet (9-260, 160, SmRnd)
  • Big Bloomin' Bud (4-260, 2-160, 6-SmHrt)
  • Spring Chick (6-260)
  • Flutterby Butterfly (3-260)
  • Lady Dragonfly (3-260)
  • Bumballoon Bee (2-260, SmRnd)
  • Tuki Tuki Bird (2-260)
  • Nuts the Squirrel (2-260, 160)
  • Curly the Snake (3-260, 160)
  • Hungry Bunny (9-260, 3-160)
  • Famished Frog (2-260, BeeBody, SmRnd)
  • Mr. Gard N. Gnome (10-260)
  • Ribballoon Rose ( 260, 646, Pipe Cleaner).

In 260s she uses: green, dark green, lime green, wintergreen, white, yellow, rose, mocha brown, black, orange, red, pink, gold, silver, gray, blush, light blue, and dark blue.

In 160s she uses: light blue, pink, mocha brown, black, and white.

In five inch rounds she uses black and white. She also uses a pink six inch heart, a yellow bee body, and a red 646.


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