Twist With Sam-Gospel Edition DVD

Twist With Sam-Gospel Edition DVD

  • $30.95

Published 2006

Run time: 60 Minutes

Sam's balloons are generally pretty simple. He uses the colors and shapes to illustrate specific verses. The cross, heart, sword, and flower are used repeatedly as both reasons to talk about verse and as props to illustrate a bible story. His style is both fun and sincere. I highly recommend this DVD to any Gospel Twister.

 Sam shares his routines for Two Hearts And The Cross, and Five Petals of God's Flower. He tells the stories of David, Christ's Birth, Jonah, Shorty On A Tree, and The Armor Of God. His Armor routine dresses a kid in helmet, shield, breastplate, belt, sword, and shoes. The kid is totally covered. It's really cute.

 It looked like Sam was mainly using 260Q jewel tones; and red, white and pink six inch hearts.