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T Snippit with Holder

  • $11.75

Hold a T'Snippit nearly wherever you want. A secured T'Snippit leaves both hands free. When you cut and hold a bubble, the bubbles stays with the T'Snippit. You don't have to put it down and pick it up, it's right there. It's great for trimming ends and cleaning up knots. You have both hands to control the cut. The motion is easy, smooth and in the same place every time.<p>
The holder is 1 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 1/2". It's white plastic and the T'Snippit can swivel on the end. I've cut 4 notches to make attachment easy. A couple of 260's, will hold it tightly to a PumpO. I can stick this holder in my blue jeans pocket with the T'Snippit sticking out and it works great. With a little custom work you can secure the T'Snippit in any pocket of an apron.<br>

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<IMG SRC="./images/snipper5.gif" WIDTH="219" HEIGHT="129"><BR>
Fit to your Apron</TD>
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<IMG SRC="./images/snipper4.JPG" WIDTH="191" HEIGHT="129"><BR>
Stuff in your Pocket</TD>
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<IMG SRC="./images/snipper3.gif" WIDTH="151" HEIGHT="129"><BR>
Attach to your Pump</TD>

Cut a 260 without losing air. That's right. This cutter holds the cut off bubble while you tie the rest of the balloon.