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Tango Magic Scotch & Soda Mexican Coin

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If you don't have scotch & soda, you are missing out on the most versatile coin trick ever created.  It's the most popular coin trick in the world, and is one of the first coin tricks anyone interested in magic learns!  It is very hands on and visual.
In one of many different routines, you place a Kennedy half dollar and copper Mexican centavo coin in your hand. Close and reopen your hand and the centavo has vanished, only to be found in your pocket.

Another simple S&S routine is to put the half dollar and the copper Mexican centavo in your spectator's hand. Have them close and immediately reopen their hand, to find that the centavo is gone and replaced with a quarter!

There are many astounding variations that can be done with this routine. No skill required.  Routines can be learned in five minutes, because this superior precision-crafted set of coins do all the work.

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