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Speed Twisting DVD

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Published 2007

Run Time: 43 minutes

Ken's daughter got him to see a fish as a head.  This DVD has eight large animal heads.  They are variations on a theme, they pretty much look like the animal, and they are big, fast and easy. The DVD is clear, Ken wears gloves so there is no squeak, and the instruction is easy and clear.  

The figures use 2 or 3 - 260s for the head shape, a white five inch round for the eyes, and a 360 for the neck.  Kids can carry them as they are or make the 360 neck into a hat or add a 360 to wrap around the waist like a ride inside figure. These figures will work for a line, restaurant, or stage.  Very versatile, good job Ken.
Contents Include:

  • Kangaroo (2-260, SmRnd, 360)
  • Dinosaur (2-260, SmRnd, 360)
  • Giraffe (2-260, SmRnd, 360)
  • Camel (2-260, SmRnd, 360)
  • Horse (2-260, SmRnd, 360)
  • Rhino (2-260, SmRnd, 360)
  • Razor Back (2-260, SmRnd, 360)

In 260s and 360s he uses:

  • Brown
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Beige
  • Rose
  • Grey
  • Red
  • White

Ken also uses white five inch round balloons.



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