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Rings & Bling DVD

  • $45.95

Length: Approximately 120 minutes

Skill level: All

So, you're looking for ways to make more memorable designs for your entertainment clients? Then you need to think about accessorizing with AeraDeco Video's "Rings & Bling!"
And what better person to bring out your inner "girlie girl" than Melissa Vinson, CBA? She's crossed over from the world of decor into entertaining, bringing her unique elements of mixed media along for the ride. During the course of this DVD, you'll learn over two dozen different ring styles, along with several other accents you can use to adorn your guests with lovely latex accessories.

DVD includes:

  • Five-Pinch Ring Base
  • Five-Bubble Ring Base
  • Smiley Face Ring
  • Glittery Opal Ring
  • Glittery Innery Ring
  • Using Fairy Berries
  • Using Party Dots
  • Baseball / Basketball Ring
  • Pumpkin Ring
  • Ducky Ring
  • Snowman Ring
  • Bunny Ring
  • Bug Ring
  • Ladybug Ring
  • Spider Ring
  • Puppy Ring
  • Gumball Ring
  • Agitated Bird Ring
  • Hi There, Kitty Ring
  • Diamond / Stone Ring
  • Butterfly Ring
  • Koala Ring
  • Princess Ring
  • Pearl n Swirl Ring
  • Bobble Ring
  • Wired Rose Ring
  • Mini Bows
  • Larger Bows
  • Bracelet
  • Purse
  • Flower Corsage

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