Pinch Line Technique, DVD, ANTONIO BECARES RODRIGUEZ, - T. Myers Magic Inc.

Pinch Line Technique

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This new technique is a strong way of building any shape you wish and a great base for adding details. It’s easy to make, really stable, and can be used instead of normal bubbles in all your designs giving it a special touch of professional work. It works as a detail or as a shape by itself.

The DVD contains a video (58 minutes) describing the basics as well as various applications of the Pinch-line Technique in 15 stand alone chapters. It has a scene selection menu, so you have instant access to the chapters.


  • Pinch-line Flower
  • Two Balloon Basic Pinch-line
  • Two Balloon same Color
  • Three Colors
  • Changing Size
  • Two Sizes
  • Three Sizes
  • Round Circle
  • Connecting 2 Pinch-lines
  • Adding Balloons
  • Closing
  • One Balloon Pinch-line
  • Three Different Sizes Double Pinch-line
  • Around Round Balloons
  • Around Long Balloons
  • Weaving Between Double Pinch-line

It also has a section with detailed step by step files of 5 original figures:

  • Pinch-line Snail
  • The Mouth
  • The Bracelet
  • The Rainbow
  • The Flower
  • The Snail


These and a set of graphical notes are also instantly accessible through a straightforward menu.

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