Personal Favorites Vol 1 DVD

Personal Favorites Vol 1 DVD

  • $40.95

Patrick van de Ven, of The Netherlands, has been artistic all his life.  Since 2002, when balloons first touched his hands, Patrick has rocked the balloon twisting world with his amazing balloon creations. His unique techniques and style have been a breath of fresh air. His constant search for innovative constructions and "outside of the box" designs have rewarded him with several international prizes and awards.

Now, in Volume 1 of Patrick's instructional DVD series, "Personal Favorites of Patrick van de Ven", you too can learn his award winning techniques and style.


  • Frog          
  •  Horse
  • Tiger          
  •  Long Neck Dino 
  • Dog              
  •  Crocodile 
  • Dolphin            
  • T-Rex
  • Monkey

NTSC Standard/Dual Mode/DVD-R/Color
Run Time:  Approximately 1:30:15