Palloncini Fantastic Balloons -

Palloncini Fantastic Balloons

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One of my favorite books.

pub 1999, 44 Original Sculptures, Illustrated with 1000 Step-by-Step Color Pictures 

Really, 1000 color pictures! All the instructions and tips are written in Italian and English. It's very clear and well done. There are 17 multi-balloon cartoon characters in this book and some nice useful smaller stuff along with bits they use. I'm very impressed with this book and I highly recommend it for folks wanting to make cartoon figures. In fact, I'd recommend it right after Captain Visual's 1st book. 

Includes: Basics, Pon-Pon Dog, Swan, Sword, Heart, Cat, Starship Gun, Machine Gun Viking Hat, Snail, Rocking Horse, Large Pink Feline, Six Petal Flower, Flower Hat, Goofy Dog, Boy Duck, Girl Duck, Bee, Candle, Elder Duck, Uncle Duck, Lupo Alberto, Marta, Calimero, Obelix, Princess Crown, Asterix, AladdinÕs Genie, Sailor, Large Rabbit, Large Cat, Octopus, Road Runner, Pacifier.

Full size, Glossy soft cover, Perfect bound, 46 pages.

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