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Marvelous Miniatures for Beginners by Linda Berman

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Marvelous Miniatures for Beginners is a good book for beginners no matter what size balloon you use. Linda Berman wrote this beginners book with the 160 balloon in mind. 160's are the easiest balloons to twist with because of their size, but the figures will of course be a lot smaller, i.e. miniature balloon figures.

Linda does a good job in covering the basics and safety while explaining inflating, tying knots, and the five basic twists.  The step by step instructions for the 30 different figures are in color, and also easy to follow and understand.  

Contents Include:

  • Beginning
  • Butterfly/Hummingbird
  • Swan
  • Ladybug/Turtle
  • Elephant
  • Cat
  • Mouse
  • Flower
  • Giraffe
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Dalmatian/Basic Dog
  • Parrot on a Swing
  • Dinosaur
  • Rabbit
  • Frog
  • Monkey w/Bananas
  • Monkey Climbing Palm Tree
  • Bear
  • Cheetah/Tiger
  • Pig Horse/Zebra/Unicorn
  • Scottie Dog
  • Fish
  • Bear on a Heart
  • Lovebirds on a Heart
  • Dragonfly


Full size, soft cover, comb, 57 Pages.Published 2000

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