Marvelous Miniatures by Linda Berman

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Although Linda uses all varieties/sizes of balloons while twisting at parties, fairs, restaurants, etc, she loves making miniature figures - so the figures in this book are specifically dealing with 160 balloons, i.e. miniatures.

Linda does a good job with this book, but it is not for beginners.  You have to posses basic twisting knowledge to following along since the instructions are in text with line drawings of the finished figure.  Intermediate to advanced twisters will have no problem following along.


  • Iris
  • Sunflower
  • Strypes the Tiger
  • Wanda Whale
  • Penelope Penguin
  • Carrie Canary
  • Friendly Monster
  • Dracula
  • Larry Lizard
  • Silly Dragon
  • Sea Princess
  • Tina the Ballerina


Full size, soft cover, comb, 19 Pages.Published 1998


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