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Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables Vol 3 DVD

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Published 2007

Run Time: 180 Minutes

This three-hour DVD has the kind of figures that sell the next show, and that has helped set Don apart in this market.  His ride inside the "Bat Car with Large Bat Mask and Belt" will get huge attention for whoever is wearing it.  He offers ideas for cute bracelets and hair stretchys, and some nice variations on fancy multi-balloon wands, but most everything else is extra large.  The bowling and chicken hats are just the thing for that big bowling party or chicken bingo. The Carmen Miranda hat gets callbacks and the "Pool Floatie Duck with variations" has opened a whole new summer balloon party market.
The DVD is clear and easy to follow if you have intermediate skills.  He'll teach you to do a side bubble twist to attach a dog nose.  While Don is always good, I liked his Hats and Wearables Vol. 2 better. Don moves along and the camera work is good, but during the first few figures there is a distracting voice in the background, but it did go away.  The figures are excellent, big and fancy. This is a good DVD and I recommend it.

Figures include:

  • Hair Stretchy/Bracelet (6-260)
  • Chicken Hat (9-260, 350, 160, Lg Rnd, Lg Blossom)
  • Bowling Hat (8-260, 6-SmRnd, Lg Rnd Agate)
  • Carmen Miranda Hat (15-260,321B, 2-SmRnd, 160)
  • Doggy Mask (2-260, 7-350)
  • Cereal Crunch (a variety of hats and wands made with 260s and printed rounds)
  • Ride-Inside Car (7-350, 3-260, 4-SmRnd) with Tow Truck and Bat Car variations with 646s,
  • Bat Mask (3-260, 4-350, 646, SmRnd)
  • Yellow Sponge Hat (4-350, 2-260, 2-SmRnd)
  • Alien (2-350, 2-260)
  • Dog Hat (7-260) Pool Floatie Duck (3-646, 2-350, 4-260)

Here's a pretty close list of the balloons Don uses: 

  • 646Q - Black, Brown, White 
  • 350Q - Lt. Blue, Blue, White, Mocha, Pink, Black, Gray, Yellow, Lime, Orange 260Q - Rose, Pink, Red, Yellow, Lime Wintergreen, Gold, Goldenrod, Blush, Mocha, White, Teal, Black, Clear, Gray, Lilac, Orange
  • 160Q - Lime Green, Mocha Sm Round Q - White, Lime, Red, Orange, Gold Lg Round Q - Blue Agate 321B - Red.

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