Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables Vol 2 DVD

Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables Vol 2 DVD

  • $49.95

Published 2006 

Run Time: 3 Hour 15 minutes

There's so much on this DVD, it's staggering. It's advanced twisting and moves right along.

 The thing that makes Don great is his ability to add value to everything, from all directions. You can see his growth as a performer and as an observer on this DVD. You also get to see a fair amount of his wardrobe. He's such a clothes addict. Everything is performance. He's outrageous, and in charge. The audience trusts him because he clearly knows what he is doing and where he is going, proven by the way he relates to and guides the audience, and by the figures he makes, the colors he chooses, and the care he takes drawing details.

 There are at least 21 figures and some of Don's thoughts on performance. These are things Don uses and he let's you know why. The figures are very valuable and impressive. The DVD is absolutely worth it for them. You should have the Volume 1 of Mad Hatz & Wild Wearables already because it is just grand and Don refers back to it without showing how to make the previously explained figure, specifically the monkey on the first volume.

 His explanation and demonstration of how he approaches a birthday party or an adult crowd shows how he does what he wants, not what the crowd expects. His approach leaves the performer in charge of the performance. While this approach requires a strong performer, it defines what is happening as a performance, not just a demonstration of balloon skill. It justifies a performer's compensation.

 As you can tell, I highly recommend this and all of Don's DVDs.

Contents Include:

  • Lady Bug Hat (2-260, 350, SmRnd)
  • Butterfly Princess (4-260)
  • Flower Princess (3-260)
  • Wand (260, 160, Sm Smiley Rnd)
  • Princess Crown 2 (2-260, Sm Hrt)
  • Princess Crown 2.5 (4-260)
  • Bunny Hat (4-260, Sm Smiley Rnd)
  • Kitty Hat (4-260, SmHrt)
  • Mermaid (3-350, 3-260)
  • Turtle Hat (6-350, 5-260)
  • Monkey In A Tree Hat (15-260)
  • Hula Monkey (5-260)
  • Eye Ball Hat (2-260, Sm Eyeball Rnd, Sm Cl Rnd)
  • Eye Scream Hat (2-350, 10-260, 10 Sm Eyeball Rnd, Lg Eyeball Rnd)
  • Thoughts on Artistic Expression (Don's pushy artist character)
  • Ninja Turtle Costume (8-350, 260 + Variety of Weapons)
  • Alligator Mask (4-350, 3-260)
  • Dragon Mask (4-350, 5-260, 160), Zebra Mask (4-350, 5-260)
  • Hippo Hat (646, 5-350, 2-260)
  • Elephant Hat (3-646, 4-350, 3-260, 3-160)
  • Shark Hat (9-646, 5-350, 2-260)

Here's a pretty close list of the balloons he uses:

  • 646Q - 9 - Light Blue, 3- Mocha Brown, 1- Pink
  • 350Q - 3 - Light Blue, 7-White, 1-Black, 4-Mocha, 4-Pink, 5-Std Red, 14-Lime Green, 8-Blush,
  • 260Q - 7-Black, 6-Yellow, 2-Tropical Teal, 1-Gold, 3-Ivory Silk, 20-Lime Green, 5-Pink, 5-Rose, 3-Gold, 2-Violet, 6-White, 2-Spring Lilac, 3-Orange, 2-Wintergreen, 2-Tropical Teal, 3-Clear, 10-Goldenrod, 1-Blush, 2-Red, 2-Light Blue, 2- Mocha Brown
  • 160Q - 3-Black, 1 - White, 1-Lime Green,
  • Sm Round Q - 11-Eyeball, 1-Clear, 2-Smiley Face Yellow
  • Lg Round Q - 1-Eyeball Side Print
  • Sm Heart - 1-Ivory Silk, 1-White


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