Little Things DVD

Little Things DVD

  • $38.95

Colin Myles has gained a reputation for innovative thinking in the balloon world; with this DVD he shares it with you!  Have you ever had trouble when making a six petal flower? Well you never will again!  How about a nine petal flower? It's easy when you know how.  Whether you are a twister or decorator, this DVD will help you and give you inspiration.

Figures include:

  • 160 Flower
  • Ball 
  • Bee 
  • Big Flower
  • Bomb
  • Bubble Flower
  • Bubble Heart 
  • Cross 
  • Square
  • Geo Fish 
  • Guitar 
  • Hula Flower 
  • Six Petal Flower 
  • Nine Petal Flower
  • Teddy Bear Carousel

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