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Houdini Scotch & Soda

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If you don't have scotch & soda, you are missing out on the most versatile coin tricks ever created.  It's the most popular coin trick in the world, and is one of the first coin tricks anyone interested in magic learns!  It is very hands-on and visual.

There are many astounding variations that can be done with this routine, with just as many variety of coins used.  No skill required.  Routines can be learned in five minutes, because the coins do all the work.

This Houdini scotch and soda is a coin trick made from a special Houdini coin and a Mexican 20 centavo coin. In full view, you put both coins into the spectators hand. The gold coin disappears and turns into a "magicians coin".  With this Houdini scotch and soda routine, you will win every time you do the trick. Spectators can freely examine the coins at the end of the routine.  It's entirely mechanical and easy to do.


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