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Holding Audience Attention by L. Perry Wilbur

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How to Speak With Confidence, Substance and Power by L. Perry Wilbur

Have you ever listened to a dynamic speaker or performer who immediately aroused the audience’s attention and kept them spellbound for the entire presentation?
How do they do it?  What is their magic formula?  In this book you will learn the secrets used by professional speakers, salespeople, and actors to quickly grab and hold and audience’s attention.You will learn how to speak and act with confidence, substance, and power.
This book is written for anyone who must get up in front of an audience and talk. This would include entertainers, youth workers, club/organization leaders, teachers, salespeople, business people, politicians, and anyone else who speaks to groups of people.
Whether you are simply giving a talk at a local civic meeting or have goals of becoming a paid speaker or performer, this book will show you how to present yourself and your material like a professional.
L. Perry Wilbur is the author of 25 books and thousands of articles.He is a former advertising copywriter, consultant, and university instructor.He is a nationally known professional speaker and the winner of two George Washington Honor Awards.

Paperback; 5.5 x 8.5; 176 pages