Hat Attack!!!  Volume 1 DVD

Hat Attack!!! Volume 1 DVD

  • $35.95

Published 2003

Ed Chee has done a fine job on his first DVD. The video is very clear and Ed does a good job of explaining what he is doing. He assumes you have basic twisting skills. The figures are fairly easy and usable in a restaurant situation.
 This is what Ed has to say about the style of DVD; please keep in mind that this is a true DVD format and will not play in computer CD players, unless they are DVD drives. Also, it was recorded on DVD+R which is the most compatible with all commercial DVD players, but may not play in a Mac Super Drive (which is DVD-R format).

Every DVD was individually tested to ensure that they run on a commercial DVD player.

Contents Include:

  • Ed's approach to entertaining a table
  • Bunny Hat
  • Duck Hat 
  • Monkey in Tree Hat
  • Snake on Tree Hat 
  • Elephant Hat
  • Scorpion Hat
  • Fishing Pole Hat
  • Swinging Superhero
  • Horse Hat
  • Scuba Gear
  • Triangle Hat explanation
  • Twisted Tips
  • Competition Pieces