Entertaining With Balloons by Norm Barnhart

  • $8.00

Norm Barnhart has a clown's approach to interesting, usable magic and twisting. You will delight your audience by adding comedy and mystery to your act.  

More clown patter, lines, skits and ideas. Solid stuff. You don't have to be a clown to use balloon bits. This book assumes you know how to do basic balloons.


  • Working with Children
  • Crowd Control
  • Pump Gags
  • The Clown and the Scared Child
  • Balloon Breaks
  • Table Hopping Bits
  • Clean Up
  • Bringing Life to Balloons
  • Bumble Bee Stage Trick
  • Balloon Buffoonery
  • Funny Balloon Bits
  • Inflated Balloon Holder
  • Two Stage Routines

Half size, soft cover, stapled, 60 Pages.Published 1988.