Dewey's Wild Balloon Hats -

Dewey's Wild Balloon Hats

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Published 2002

 I've always liked Ralph's stuff and this is no exception. Most of these hats are different from your standard hats. Some of them are good for lines and some are a little more work. Ralph rated five of them as easy, 10 as intermediate, and one as advanced.

Besides 260s, he uses hearts, eyeball prints, gloves, rounds, 321Bs, 160s, 350s, and one hat uses rubber cement.

 Includes: Square knot hat, octopus hat, butterfly hat, owl hat, heart bopper hat,rainbow hat, hugs and kisses hat, rat hat, duck hat, pirate hat, ballerina hat, cowboy hat, Mr. Ego, fireman hat, menu hat, and google Eye Hat.

Half size, soft cover, stapled, 48 pages

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