Twisted Critter DVD Volume 2, DVD, T. Myers Magic Inc., - T. Myers Magic Inc.

Twisted Critter DVD Volume 2

  • $40.00

This DVD includes 16 more big, fast, easy hats. Each hat uses three to five balloons. The twisting is pretty easy and the hats are really cute. Patricia's art work is also easy but good. Each DVD has a plastic stencil with instructions. Her eyes add a lot to the figure. Patricia is very clear with her instructions but she expects you to know the basics.

Twisters often ask for more good line work figures. They are hard to find so I'm glad to have this DVD for them. I'd put these hats on my line menu. I highly recommend this DVD.

Patricia uses 260s, 160s, small rounds and small hearts. She mainly used the standard solid colors.

In 260s she used: black, white, blush, yellow, red, orange, goldenrod, chocolate brown, mocha brown, grey, pink, and green.

In 160s she used black and mocha brown. She used small round in goldenrod and white; in small hearts she used white.

The figures include:

  • Beaver Hat (3-260)
  • Squirrel Hat (3-260)
  • Lion Hat (4-260)
  • Rooster Hat (2-260, 160)
  • Cockatoo Hat (3-260, SmRnd)
  • Planet Dog Hat (4-260)
  • Silly Dog Hat (3-260, 160)
  • Fox Hat (2-260, 2-160)
  • Horse Hat (4-260,160)
  • Donkey Hat (3-260, 160)
  • Mouse Hat (3-260, SmRnd)
  • Chihuahua Hat (4-260, SmRnd)
  • Mt. Goat Hat (2-260, 160, SmHrt)
  • Alligator Hat (2-260, SmRnd)
  • Gorilla Hat (2-260, SmRnd)

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