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Comedy Magic with Balloons Volume 1 & 2 DVD

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Published 2006

Run time: 145 minutes

Description of Volume 1
Here's a live kids show featuring magic with balloons and balloon twisting. Norm is making a show of making balloons.There is plenty of magic to sell it as a magic show. Lots of tricks, live presentation of bits and lines make this the recommended video for show material.


  • Live show - Balloon from nowhere
  • Rabbit on Hat with jokes and bits
  • Harry Balloondini-Comedy needle through balloon trick
  • Flower balloon-mime bits and "ball-off" trick
  • Bad Hair Day Hat with lines, kool-aid to balloons trick
  • Rudolph on your Roof
  • Rudolph's Bright Nose trick
  • Monkey Bar-High Wire Balloon Monkey Routine
  • Monkey in Palm Tree Hat routine


Explanations for all of the above plus: 

  • Bananas trick
  • Carrots trick
  • Light nose trick
  • Cutting balloon trick
  • Heart light Trick
  • Cut and Restored Balloon Trick
  • World's Fastest Balloon Animal Bi
  • , Mosquito/Bee Chaser Trick
  • Birthday Card in Balloon Routine
  • Dog through the hoop explanation


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