Comedy Balloon Hats by Norm Barnhart

Comedy Balloon Hats by Norm Barnhart

  • $8.00

Twisters ask me for a variety of entertainment ideas dealing with twisting. Here is a book full of lines to go with some easy to medium hats. Norm suggests a rapid fire presentation. He's had kids laughing to tears.

This book includes:

  • Pop Lines
  • Wiener Dog on your Roof
  • Pop Lines for the Dogs
  • Cowboy's Sidekick
  • Circus Dog
  • Cat on the Hat
  • Elephant
  • Elephant Magic
  • Minnesota Fisherman - Part II - Magic
  • Hot Air Head Balloon
  • Bear on Slide Hat
  • Bad Hair Day
  • William Tell Hat
  • Crazy Hat
  • Two Heads are Better Than One
  • Monkey on Your Roof
  • Aladdin Hat
  • Joan Collins Earrings
  • Spy Antenna Dish Helmet
  • Octopus Hat
  • Happy Birthday Airplane Hat
  • Top Flight


Full size, soft cover, stapled, 20 pages.