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Combo Deal Balls 'N Balloons by Tom Myers

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Holy bouncing ballistics, Batman! Here it is, the latest twist on balloon sculpture. Put a Hi Bounce Ball inside a balloon and you have a toy, a kinetic sculpture, a giveaway. Make races, water slides, puzzles, and weebles easily and quickly.


  • Ball Putter
  • *Gross of 3/4" Swirly High Bounce Balls
  • 1 - 100 Count Bag of 260Q Clear
  • T's book Balls 'N Balloons

* Substitutions of 3/4" Swirly Balls are made at times.
 About the products included
 A hi-bounce ball rolling around in a balloon adds action, interest, curiosity, and value.
Everyone is fascinated with these toys, including the older kid that doesn't want a poodle or a hat.   
 Tom assumes you know how make a poodle. He clearly explains four ways to get the ball inside a 260 and how to blow a balloon in a spiral even if you are using a hand pump.

  • Action
  • Thumb thing
  • Tootsie roll
  • Bass-O-Profundo
  • Beaker
  • Pretzel puzzle
  • Gideon's knot
  • Twisted wrister
  • Screwball
  • Wand De Fleur
  • Watch Dog
  • Spear
  • Race (triple header)
  • Spiraling a 260
  • Water-slide
  • Spring
  • Weeble

1/2 size, 27 Pages

Ball Putter
T's invention makes putting a ball inside a balloon mere child's play. Which, by the way, is what happens when you hand a child a balloon with a ball inside.

This wonderfully simple tool does all the work for you. It no longer matters how long your fingernails are or aren't. Forget trying to break the inside of the balloon without breaking the outside of the balloon. The ball putter does it for you! So easy. Once you use it you'll make the 'I-could-have-had-a-V-8' gesture in amazement.

Hi Bounce Balls
These balls are even better than the "balloon seed" or balloon ball. They're heavier so they roll. They're easier to use and faster, too. And they last long after the balloon is but a memory. That's a whole lot of bounce for your buck!

3/4" round in assorted color gross.
Qualatex Balloons
Qualatex has set the standard in twister's balloons since the early 90s. They are the brand most professionals use. They make the 160Q, the 260Q, the 350Q, hearts, smiley faces, blossoms, donuts, Q321B bee body, and round balloons.


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