Bigger Is Better DVD

Bigger Is Better DVD

  • $35.95

Published 2007

Run time: 147 Minutes

Mark likes to make things bigger. Big is unique and worth more. It can be done with more balloons and/or bigger balloons, and Mark shows examples of both. A few of these things will work for the special birthday figure. Others may work outdoors or in a mall. You'll need an electric pump for some of them. The dress Mark makes uses lots of 260s to weave three dimensional shapes. I think the value of this DVD is to show how impressive using lots of large balloons can be. Thanks Mark.

The figures include:

  • Sea Turtle (4-350, 2-SmRnd)
  • Bicycle (6-350, 2 -Lg Geo)
  • Dragon (7-260, 4-350, 2-321B, 2-SmRnd)
  • Penguin (646, 2-350, SmRnd)
  • Giant Fish (3-646, Slim Jim, 2-SmRnd)
  • Mermaid (2-646, 6-350, 260)
  • Big Duck (12-350)
  • Bigger Duck (22-646, 2-260)
  • Swing Set (20-646, 2-350, 16-260)
  • Monkey (17-646, 21-350, 260)
  • Dress (260s & SmRnd)

Mark uses 260s, 350s, 646s, and small rounds on this DVD.

In 260s its: grey, pink, white, light blue, teal, and orange.

In 350s he uses: black, pink, brown, blush, light blue, lime, orange, and red.

In 646s he uses: mocha, white, pink, black, light blue, and orange. He uses small five inch rounds in white and black. He also uses one red slim jim and two black large geo donuts.