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Big Book of Balloon Art

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Captain Visual - Gerry Giovinco
This is the best single balloon twisting book, in my opinion. The art work and instruction are excellent as are the organization and layout. It is written for the beginner, medium or advanced twister. It takes the beginner all the way through Multi-Balloon Cartoon Characters. There are lots of hats and other useful figures. The art work and instruction are excellent as are the organization and layout.
<p>Includes: Basic Information and figures, Elephant, Alligator, Flower, Sword, Birds and Bees, Teddy bear, Poodle, Floppy-Eared dog, Floppy-Eared dachshund, Sitting cat, Sitting rabbit, Swan, Stegosaurus, Detailed horse, Rubber ducky, Turtle or ladybug, Tulip, Pig, Inserts or seeds, Hot dog with a meatball inside, Split twists and Pop twists, Letters and numbers, Monkey, Airplane, Motorcycle, Spiral, Cobra, Headband, Flapper hat, Indian hat, Daniel Boone hat, Pilot's headset, Space helmet, Space helmet with pom-pom, Wild antennae, Hairy hats, Bike helmet, Crown, King's crown and Queen's crown, Super-duper hat, Twist hat, Braided hat, Princess hat, Lightning bolt hat, Flower hat, Spiral hat, Continued - Super space hat, Mouse ears, Octopus hat, Monkey in a tree, Spartan hat, Heart hat, Basic heart shape, Lovebirds on a heart, Heart wand, Butterfly, Heart flower, Rosebud, The safety bubble, Penguin, Lobster, Mermaid, Bicycle, Octopus, Spider, Little red wagon, Big ol' bear, Big ol' cat, Crazy rabbit, Coyote or wolf, Mouse, Dippy duck, Beaks, wings, and tails, Finished stork, eagle, rooster, pelican, magpie, woodpecker, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Martian, Working for tips, Balloon vending, Balloon decorating, Using balloons as an entertainer. 
Full size, Glossy cover, Spiral, 123 pages.