Balloons New Sculpture -

Balloons New Sculpture

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By Paolo Michelotto

pub.1997, Revised 1999  67 easy and amazing sculptures and techniques,
explained step-by-step with 938 pictures

It's written in Italian, English,German and French and the pictures are small but easy to follow. This is the precursor to Fantastic Balloons and is done in the same style. The basic instructions are good and the figures Paolo chose to show are basically his favorites after researching published material and meeting top twisters. I recommend this book. It has figures that are or will be classic.

Includes: 4 knots, Basic Twist, Loop Twist, Ear Twist, Apple and Lip Twist, Apple-Joint Twist, Plume and Eyes Twist, Two Balloons Junction, How to Break a Balloon in Two, Bird's Neck, Open Legs, Bird's Body, Pon-Pon's Tail, Candy's Twist, Three Balloon's Braid, Fast Dog, Fat Swan, Heart, Dinosaur, Little Bear, Small Goose, Seagull, Heart's Birds, Little Man with Projection Eyes, Chic Sword, Big Saber, Chicken, Plane, Little Pig, Motorbike, Guitar, Lobster, Bear in Plane, Bike, Multicolored Dog, Swan's Couple, Big Rabbit, Heart on Braid, Heart Scepter, Doves on Heart, Butterfly, Six Petal Flower, Kissing Bears, Bear in Car, Daffy Duck, Peacock, Penguin, Pluto, Skunk, Big Spider, Rose, Tweety, Mickey Mouse, Jerking Eyes, Baseball Cap, 3D Eyes Hat, Balloon Balls, Small Ball Inside the Balloon, Ball's Braid, Bibliography. 

Full size, Soft cover, Perfect Bound, 57 pages.


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