Balloon Magic Magazine - Premiere Issue-Summer 1995, Magazine #1, Qualatex, - T. Myers Magic Inc.

Balloon Magic Magazine - Premiere Issue-Summer 1995

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While digging around in the warehouse, I came upon a box that just kept calling me to look in it.  What I found was something very rare - especially for people in the balloon entertainment business.  I came across a box of the Balloon Magic Magazine Premiere Issue - Summer 1995.  What a find!  Qualatex no longer has them in stock and, it's no longer in print.

The balloon entertainment industry has come so far over the last 13 years, and of course the creations shown are not as advanced as today's creations, but this issue really is worth the money!  Enjoy your trip back in time while reading through the 23 pages of this Premiere Edition.  Once you finish, you will have no doubt that this issue really is a collector's item!

The front cover features Marvin Hardy showing several featured creations from this issue, which includes a cluster of grapes; a lobster on a plate; and an animal hat.  Marvin starts the issue off with an informative introduction of himself, balloons and Balloon Magic the Magazine.  The creations are demonstrated by Marvin and range from a penguin to a balloon pedestal.  There are tips throughout the pages, as well as a review from a panel of entertainers on the "New Qualatex 350 Balloons".  This article goes right along with the 350 Playhouse demonstrated by Graham Rouse of Air Apparent in Columbia, SC.

Marvin's Business Article titled "You Are Your Card" is an informative reference on how important your business card is and what it should say about you - he shares some good advice that never goes out of date.

There are a few Show and Tell pictures featuring creations by Anthony Mackey and Sean Rooney.  Several pages back are a few more show and tell pictures which feature several 260 creations by Keith Hearty, Alexis Ioannidis and Marc Santos after taking a 260 class by Marvin in Vancouver, BC.

Finally, the Spotlight feature is "T. Myers - Man of Many Hats!"  I have seen this article around the office for years but never knew where it came from.  After finding the box of magazines and realizing Tom was the Spotlight, I really knew I found a collector's item.  The article is about Tom's experiences as a balloon entertainer and the techniques that made him successful.

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Item Description: Grapes, Penguin, Pacifier, Lobster, Animal Hat, Removable Bubble, and Balloon Pedestal - by Marvin Hardy.  350Q Playhouse - by Graham Rouse.