Balloon Magic Magazine #57 - Ice Cream Social

Balloon Magic Magazine #57 - Ice Cream Social

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Don Caldwell has come up with yet another winner, as shown on the cover of Balloon Magic # 57. Don's creation is a scrumptious ice cream cone hat and a smaller version ice cream cone.  Don's clever ice cream cone hat was designed using David Grist's birthday cake hat as the base, and with Don's magical touch he turned this special treat into a delicious creation.  Don's ride-inside car is also featured in this issue with suggestions of using LED lights for a realistic touch.

Balloon Magic # 57 features the works of Patrick Van De Ven, who was featured in the "Spotlight" section of issue # 50.  Patrick is from Apeldoom, Netherlands, and specializes in multiple-balloon sculptures of animals.  He focuses on bringing the essence of the subject to life, creating art that becomes entertainment.  Watch our website for the release of Patrick's new DVD, which should hopefully be out by the end of June 2009.

Patrick's first creation is a majestic bald eagle (just in time for the 4th of July!), which shows an innovative use of a 6" heart.  A puppy is always great for line work, but Patrick's one-balloon puppy has some extra features which gives you some variety without the extra work.  "Little Guy" is a basic body structure, but Patrick demonstrates how versatile it is by turning it into different characters just by changing colors and accessories. This is a good design that will get lots of use. As a winner at Millennium Jam 2008, Patrick's cockatoo shows off his attention to details and life-like animal features.

The spotlight features Manon Dudziak.  Being from Besayes, France, a lot of you might not know her name - yet - but this artist is one you will definitely hear more about.  Manon picked up her first balloon in the spring of 2005 after her magician brother handed her a bag of Qualatex 260 balloons to play with backstage during his performance.  Totally intrigued by what she could do with the balloons, she attended one of Fabrizio's workshops and ended up meeting Royal Sorell and Albert Falcone.  By then, she knew she wanted to make balloons her life.  Manon's talents also include clowning, magic, and balloon decor.  She is known as the "specialist in the odd and strange projects" and never says no to a crazy project because she feels it's a true challenge.  While fine-tuning her performance, she also added mime to her credentials and came up with a performance unusual to most others.  Without saying a word, and by incorporating music into her performance, Manon allows the balloons, with a little help from the music and her facial expressions, to tell the story. Gaining recognition for her talent, Manon placed third at Millennium Jam '07; first at both Millennium Jam '08 and Twist & Shout '08; and second at Twist & Shout '09.  "I perform with my heart and much energy, and that is the most important thing.  The difference between two artists who make the same balloon is the energy that they put into their art."  With this kind of passion, it's understandable why Manon is someone you will definitely be seeing more of.
In the "Event" section is a write-up about Balloon Manor '08 that includes some great pictures that show why this is such a successful event. John Abrams of in Orange County, CA, has written an article featured in the business section.  The Three-Point Plan to Book More Gigs in This Crazy Economy highlights three good strategies that could easily stimulate any type of entertainment business.  With the crazy economy these days, anyone can benefit from reading John's article. Finally, the "Trend" section has a fantastic write up on "Jams" - what they are all about; where to find them; and why it's so important to participate in them.