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Balloon Magic Magazine #56 - Dragon 'N the Millennium

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The fantastic dragon on the front cover was made by Yi-Wei Chen of Bangiao, Taiwan, who took first place with this design at Diamond Jam 2008. This issue of BM features the winning creations from both Diamond Jam '08 and Millennium Jam '08.  Seeing these great creations is sure to get you fired up and those creative juices flowing in preparation for the upcoming conventions!  Be prepared to bump up your game!

Three different twisters are featured in this issue as each one demonstrates why they are established twisters.  Andrew McDonald, a competition winner at Twist & Shout '07 and the manufacturer of the Mini Mac Pump, starts off with several really nice looking animal designs - a detailed squirrel that features a deep hook twist; a neat looking lime green grasshopper; a super cute periwinkle bunny that can also hold Easter eggs; and a lamb that can also be made into a hat. 

Laura Caldwell then demonstrates her 646Q airplane, which is a cool design and an excellent use for the larger 350 and 646 balloons. This design will keep you flying high since it's as much fun to make as it is for the kids to play with. 

Finally, Shirley Ray - a third generation magician and a top balloon artist and instructor - demonstrates her quick and easy top hat rabbit. This cool looking rabbit inside a black top hat is also a good prop for promoting your business. Stand it on a table for a decoration, and/or then put your business cards in the slots of the hat.

The spotlight feature is about Swifty the Clown, aka Allen Stay of Novelty, OH, and how Allen journeyed thru the various entertainment avenues in his life. Starting out in high school with a love for magic, he progressed into juggling then simple balloon twisting.  After 17 years of doing this as a hobby and finally realizing he could make money entertaining people, Allen started building up his "hobby".  After loosing his accounting job in 2001, Allen finally took his hobby to the next level and developed his Swifty the Clown persona.  Thru the years of performing at restaurants, corporate parties, family reunions, etc., Swifty had developed some good marketing strategies and hired a business manager. This allowed Allen the opportunity to work other aspects of his business, which resulted in the Swifty Bag.  Allen feels he still has more to learn and to give, as his focus for the future is to continue to make people happy.

There are two pages of "Show & Tell" which features five fantastic balloon creations from Hong Seok Ko, Ori Livney, Jack Mattson, Brian Asman, and Royal Sorell. 

To finish off this issue, Twistina's "Five Minute Balloon Delights Volume 2 is reviewed with glowing results.