Balloon Magic Magazine #55 - 'Tis the Season -

Balloon Magic Magazine #55 - 'Tis the Season

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A great looking snowman adorns the front cover of the Balloon Magic #55 issue.  The two-way snowman makes a perfect centerpiece that can be further embellished by adding the robin redbreast, which is demonstrated on the last page of the issue.  A baby deer, an awesome Christmas goose, and an animated Santa hat are also featured in this issue - all designed by Shirley Ray.  Surely Shirley ended up in the holiday spirit after coming up with all these wonderful holiday creations!

Laura Caldwell also has a couple of her own holiday creations in this issue.  Laura's first creation is a quick and easy large elf hat - that even comes with elf ears!  She suggests putting the elf hat on a small child, then making his elder into a balloon Santa Claus for an added effect and fun.  Laura's second design is a multi-holiday Santa.  This is a good design because with a change of balloon colors, it can be used in the spring for St. Patty's Day when you need a leprechaun design.

An informative article and pictures on Deco-Twisting is highlighted in the "Trend" section, which discusses why more and more artists are going to it.  Several well known twisters and/or decorators offer advice and suggestions on the subject, which could help you with that competitive edge and increased profits.  One particular picture of twisted creatures in an undersea column (by Robbie Furman) is a perfect example of what Deco-Twisting is all about and where all it can take you.

The spotlight article features Hong Seok Ko, author of "Magic Balloon Know-How" and "Aha Balloon Party".  Hong Seok Ko of Jung-GU Seoul City, Korea is a true balloon artist and an inspiration too many - not only for his personal accomplishments, but because of his work, support, ideas and visions of what lies ahead for the balloon world.  


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