Balloon Magic Magazine #49 - Balloon Manor

Balloon Magic Magazine #49 - Balloon Manor

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Wow, what an issue! The cover is of a swamp monster built by Allen Stay and Mark Verge for Balloon Manor. The event pages inside provide more photos and conversation about Balloon Manor.  Dee White of England shares with us four really great figures. A nicely detailed ant and an elegant tiara and wand. Some cool binoculars featuring the friendly eye imprints and a cleaver use of 6" hearts to build a flamingo. 

Former top twister Debbie Stevens shares a very cute tiger bracelet and from the imagination of Don Caldwell a bullfrog is created. 

Spotlight features the very colorful, very creative Sheree Brown-Rosner.  Sheree talks about everything from her start in twisting, to her motivation and the reward. 

In the Business section the topic "What A Character" is on the table.  Dave Bartlett, Laura and Don Caldwell, Smarty Pants and Tawney Noreen share their views on the topic.