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Balloon Magic Magazine #4 - Balloons Take You Places

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Marvin Hardy talks about the value of advertising and no such thing as "Overexposure." George Mack from Seattle, WA, a 30 year professional entertainer shares 10 tips for a successful children's party. The three wheeler featured on the cover uses 260's, 350's, 5" rounds and 16" GEO Donuts. Marvin shows us how to put it together. Marvin also shows us a basic helmet with ideas to make it into something more. A balloon chain that is great for crowd control. Balloon Jewelry; earrings, ring and boutonniere and the Rainbow Race as shown to him by Michael Decker. The Spotlight Feature presents Bob and Cathy Gibbons of Laugh*Maker fame. Larry Moss's book "Twisting History" is reviewed. The secret to the Silk In Balloon is revealed.

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