Balloon Magic Magazine #29 - Dog Daze of Summer -

Balloon Magic Magazine #29 - Dog Daze of Summer

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There's a bunch of good stuff in this issue. Marvin has some interesting ideas about thinking on your feet. And there is good advice about talking to customers on the phone.

 Twist and Shout 2002 is featured on the center pages with Balloon-HQ pictures of the winning sculptures. There are instructions on a one balloon frog and Sheree Brown-Rosner's Lily Pad. The seven balloon umbrella looks great over a little kid. The woven baseball cap is very nice and will get you started on weaving.

 The spotlight article is on Azusa Leizumi of Japan. She and her sister have been building a balloon business in Japan and having a big time. From the pictures and attitude of the article, I expect their audience immediately likes them.

 Jack Porcello shares his "The Stonecutter"balloon illustrated folk story. It's excellent and not difficult. And, Don Caldwell's "Rat" from his Lungs of Steel video has 2 pages of instruction. It's a great looking rat.


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