Balloon Magic Magazine #19 - Retro Rocker -

Balloon Magic Magazine #19 - Retro Rocker

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Another excellent issue. Patrick Brown (the top twister at TJam 99) is the spotlighted twister. Marvin's answer to a kid who wants "whatever, anything, or I don't know" is wonderful. He makes them really cute "whatevers, anythings or I don't knows".

There is a rock & roller reminiscent of Ken Stillman's Elvis, a disappearing ball in a cup trick, a woven spaceship, and business advice on "birthdays=big business" They also show examples of making the same figure in different sizes.

Marvin also talks about running a full time business part time. There are instructions for a head and hat and pictures of non round balloon entries at IBAC's competition.

The Qualatex Pocket Pump is also reviewed

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