321Q Bee Body Assortment with black tip, 321Q, Qualatex, T. Myers Magic Inc. - T. Myers Magic Inc.

321Q Bee Body Assortment with black tip

  • $9.79

The 321 Bee Body balloons are 3" x 21" which includes the pointy black tip. There are a lot of uses for the Bee balloons - other than making bees. They are used to make apples, heads, ice cream cones, angels, ghosts, pumpkins, and lots of other things. <p>

Qualatex also has another group of 321 Bee's. The solid 321Q Non-Tipped Specialty Asst has more colors, which are also available in solid colored packages.<p>

100 count bag.<p>

Assortment Includes: Yellow, Red, and White with a Black Tips.