Twist 'Em Up Easy Quick Draw

Twist 'Em Up Easy Quick Draw

  • $64.95

There are 8 pockets in the "Easy Load Quick Draw"

Overall dimensions are 11" wide by 16" high. This apron comes with a removable 1" wide webbing belt with a parachute clip. Use the belt provided or add this to your existing apron's belt.

Quick Draw Apron Features:

  • One (1) - large 11" x 9" with a snap in the center - this one is tall enough to            hold extra 260s, 350s or 160s.
  • Two (2) - 5" x 8" pockets - stuff your tiny toys and candies - specialty balloons- just about anything.
  • Two (2) - 5" x 6" pockets - just deep enough so your pens don't get lost at the   bottom!
  • Two (2) - 5" x 5" pockets - these are great for business cards and those little    round balloons.
  • One (1)-jumbo pocket (12" x 10") to hold all the balloons you've strapped in.

 The "Easy Load Quick Draw" has two snap-on "Balloon Strips" with six (6) loops

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