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Amazing Magic Tricks with Rope DVD

  • $14.95

Published 2003

Run time: 45 minutes

 Tomas Medina demonstrates and instructs 17 tricks with a rope. The tricks, moves and camera work are clear. The tricks are pretty classic and seeing them explained is much easier than trying to learn them from a book.

Contents Include:

  • Classic Cut & Restored
  • Fox Cut & Restored
  • Ox Yoke Cut & Restored
  • Single Rope Through Neck
  • Double Rope Through Neck
  • Rope Through Body
  • One Handed Knot
  • Two Handed Knot
  • Name a Number Knot
  • Traveling Knot
  • Vanishing Knot
  • Professor's Nightmare
  • Ring On Rope
  • Endless Rope
  • The Stiff Rope
  • Thumb Tie Escape
  • Kellar Rope Tie Escape


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